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TechniTrader How to Invest For Consistent Success 24 DVD Course

Sure there are thousands of places on the internet you can go to get information about trading stocks. But gathering information won't make you a successful trader. Some traders have spent many years gathering data, going to free seminars, and still they're not consistently successful.  How frustrating is that? How much time and money has been wasted?  A lot.

Information is simply books, articles, random commentary, blogs, seminars.  Making sense of all of the information on the internet which often contradicts and confuses people is a huge task.

There are 3 things you need to do to become a consistently successful trader.

1. Have the correct Information: Information is just words until you have learned how to assemble, disseminate, and use that information, transforming it from piles of words, charts, indicators, and commentary or opinions into knowledge that makes sense.

2. Gaining Knowledge: Education is the how, what, when, why of trading. Education is learning how to use the information in a practical, easy to use trading process that covers every aspect, every detail that you need to learn. We take all of the information and condense it into a concise understandable, easy to use format that anyone can learn.

3. Developing Skill: Knowledge is not enough.  Education is not enough.  There is one final conversion.  You need to take that education, and with guidance and hands on support and training, learn how to apply that knoweldge in the proper way that will make you consistently successful. Our New Student Support Package and online lessons take knowledge from our DVD Course and convert it to a set of trading skills that will make you consistently successful.

TechniTrader® How to Invest for Consistent Success Study Course has been 13 years in the making and has continually been updated, improved, enhanced, while constantly keeping each module up to date on the most current trading styles, rules, skills, and tools traders need to have for our modern automated marketplace.

There are many wonderful books out there, but if they were written 20 years ago, they do not cover the enormous changes that have occurred in the market in the past few years.

The financial market are changing and an exponential rate, and your education must be current, adaptable, and continually teaching you the skills and which tools to use to trade this changing market.

TechniTrader® Methodology Study Course™ is much more than 23 DVDs and a study course manual.  It is a complete education that includes:

1. New Student Support Package and Guidance from our certified staff.

2.  The Market Condition Analysis online Lab Class.

3.  Online trading lessons to take you step by step through the trading process while you simulate and learn to trade.

4. Charting Software Tools customized for you and the market condition.

5. Order Calculator and Trade Management tools.

6. Daily Educational Online Trading training for 30 days to continue your education while you are trading live.

7. Stock Chart Analysis on your picks.

8. Watchlist stocks for you to study.

9. Market Condition Analysis and How to Trade the Market each day.

10. Self Graded Tests to tell you what you need to review.


No other course gives you so much training, so much hands-on training, and so much one on one support.

TheTechniTrader® How to Invest for Consistent Success Study Courseis revised annually with new information, new tools, and new skills you need to know so that you can meet your goals for trading. The only place you can buy this course is at


Learn more about our TechniTrader® Methodology Study Course, the brand new, revised version of our popular and time tested trading course.

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